Safe Families for Children - an overview

An Overview

Safe Families for Children is a network of Christian families that extends the community safety net by providing parents in need with a loving sanctuary for their children in time of crisis. Situations such as postpartum depression, illness, and short-term incarceration can be devastating in the life of a child whose parents have no one to turn to for help. Join the movement to return the church to the forefront of caring for at-risk children. Please prayerfully consider becoming a safe family.

Safe Families for Children recruits volunteers to serve as short-term hosts for the children of families in crisis, while also supporting their parents as they do the work necessary to restabilize the family. Safe Families volunteers are equipped to offer biblical hospitality through training, support and the assurance of program safeguards.
The average stay for a child being hosted is six weeks, but can range from two days to a year. For more information, please call Kate Macdonald at 410-872-1050/x1090 or Tammy Folkerts at 410-872-1050/x1170.