We really need your help...

With our administrative office located in Columbia and services in Baltimore City and beyond, the vision of Baptist Family & Children's Services is to give kids and families in distress a new start by promoting their safety, stability and well-being. Fulfilling this dream, however, will require the involvement of hundreds of volunteers, especially those ready and willing to serve from the area’s faith community. Whether it’s becoming a temporary host family for a child whose family is currently in crisis or utilizing one’s construction skills to help turn a donated church parsonage into transitional housing, the need for dependable volunteers is critical.

If volunteering with us sounds interesting, please (1) complete the "Contact Information" form below, and (2) return by mail, fax or email a completed "BFCS Volunteer Application" to the attention of Tricia Sakles (tricia@baptistfamily.org).

Volunteer Opportunities for CHOSEN

Promotional help
Placing posters in targeted communities
Transportation Assistance
Transporting a client to an appointment
Record Keeper
Filing and keeping up of all CHOSEN records as needed (parent and children’s records)

Volunteer Opportunities for Good Samaritan Network

Community Assistance
Research and vet community resources
Research viable community agencies that donate goods and services
ESL Tutors
Foreign language interpreters
Wraparound Facilitator
Will guide, motivate, recruit, schedule and organize a wraparound meeting as well as ensure completion of action steps on the treatment plans.
Adopt a Transitional House
Landscaping, supplying household needs, correct maintenance needs.
Good Samaritan Project Volunteer
A GSN Project Volunteer will help by making phone calls to churches and businesses to set up supply donations
Help to count, sort and pull supply orders for GSN Project events
Help deliver and pick up orders and donations
Help Line
Assist a caller during intake, find resources on the internet for specific.
Complete follow up calls

Volunteer Opportunities Safe Families

Promotional help
Calling churches and local organizations to provide information about Safe Families.
Office work
Includes: making packets of information, photocopying, creating files, data entry and making phone calls, and setting up possible appointments.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Fundraisers
  • Interns
  • Mentors
  • Special Events Community Outreach
  • Volunteer Guest Speakers
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