CareNow Family
Preservation Program

Together, we can strengthen families in need in our communities.

The CareNow Family Preservation Program offers a comprehensive range of family services. Through completely individualized information and referral, family preservation assessment, material assistance, home-based counseling and skill teaching, and wraparound case management, CareNow works to give families stability and healing.

In each case, CareNow works to build on the existing strengths of the families in care, and emphasizes the great potential for growth that lives in every person.

CareNow closely connects a troubled family to their community, taking the talents and resources of caring people in the neighborhood and “wrapping them around” a family in need.


Program Manager - Amy Patrick

Senior Family Treatment Manager - Colleen Dougherty

CareNow Intern, Spring 2003 - Kathea Bolt

Clincal Services/Staff Assistant - Julie Rankin

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