GSN provides caring service to children, the elderly, and families in crisis. Pastors and churches throughout Maryland and Delaware partner with GSN to help troubled families learn to function effectively in the community. We build on strengths, create ongoing support for the family within the church and community, and educate both the family in crisis and those who work with them.

Families and individuals in crisis naturally turn to churches for help. When a person requires more specialized help than a church is able to give, GSN's services become a lifeline for the pastors and church staff. GSN services include Wraparound case management services, transitional housing, material assistance, information and referral, and a 24-hour crisis hotline for pastors and church leaders.

Wraparound Case Management

Wraparound is exactly what it sounds like: we "wrap" resources and support around a family in crisis. GSN clinical staff partners with the church to form a team of supportive people to brainstorm strategies to meet the family's or individual's needs. GSN then helps implement these strategies through six months of in-home case management. To make a referral for these services, pastors and church leaders may contact GSN at 410.872.1050.

Transitional Housing

The transitional apartment of GSN is a multi-phase program that offers temporary subsidized housing and supportive services to families in crisis for one year. GSN works with the family towards independence and self-sufficiency by accessing necessary resources and skills such as childcare, parenting, education, employment, budgeting, life skills, and more. Families are expected to meet certain requirements of each of the four phases in order to continue in the program. Families who are considered for the transitional apartment must also participate in our Wraparound services. To be considered, a family must be referred by their pastor or church leader.

Material Assistance

In 2006, GSN coordinated a successful Christmas gift and school supplies drive benefiting over 1,000 children across Maryland and Delaware. This year GSN is partnering with other churches to establish BUG OFF (Bring Usable Gifts Offering Forgiveness Forever) stores at different church locations in Baltimore City. These stores allow members of the community to shop for their children for school supplies and Christmas gifts at very low cost.

Information and Referral

The Information and Referral line is a service available to any caller. Pastors and families can tap into our ability to access a wide variety of resources in their communities. Requested resources have been housing, food pantries, agencies that provide financial assistance, counseling, and much more. Call 410.872.1050 or 1.800.621.8834 to talk with our professional staff.

24-hour Hotline for Pastors

GSN staff understands that crises do not always occur within the context of normal business hours. Many of the pastors and other leaders in Baptist churches in Maryland and Delaware are faced with needs from their members at any hour. The goal of the 24-hour hotline is to provide information and resources as crisis situations arise. Given the limited number of available GSN staff, the hotline number is only available to pastors and other church leaders (as designated by the pastor). If you are a pastor and would like to register for our 24-hour hotline, please contact GSN at 410.872.1050.


GSN is currently seeking Community Resource Team (CRT) members. These volunteers will work cooperatively to provide necessary resources and connections for the community and families in GSN. The CRT will begin their work with BUG OFF stores throughout the city of Baltimore. These stores will allow members of the community to shop for their children for school supplies and Christmas gifts at very low cost. The team oversees the collection and operation of the stores. The CRT will also be responsible for researching, networking, and advocating for services for Wraparound families in GSN.

GSN is also providing trainings for Wraparound Facilitators (WF). These volunteers are responsible for guiding and motivating a Wraparound team. The WF assists in the recruitment of Wraparound team members for families in GSN, leading meetings, and ensuring team members follow through with their suggested strategies.

GSN is available to come to your church and provide a presentation on our services listed above. To schedule a presentation, please contact GSN at 410.872.1050.


Each summer, GSN asks Vacation Bible Schools to make the program a focus of VBS fundraising. To introduce GSN to your VBS students, we offer a packet of stories describing GSN's work, written for age groups from pre-K to teenagers. Please download the mission stories here.